Stamp Duties

Stamp duty is a charge on certain documents and transactions. Stamp duty is charged at either a flat rate or an ad valorem rate (based on the value of the transaction) depending on the particular document or transaction.

Calculators are available to assist you in estimating the amount of stamp duty payable. There is also a Stamp Duty Glossary of Terms which may help you to understand some of the terms used.

Lodgement Methods for Stamp Duty Documents

There are three different methods for lodgement, determination and payment for South Australian Stamp Duty Documents:


RevNet is an internet based system allowing approved clients to transact with RevenueSA 24 hours a day.


Some document types must be submitted to the Commissioner of State Taxation for an assessment of stamp duty. These documents must be submitted with a completed Opinion Form and supporting documentation as described in the Stamp Duty Document Guide (Opinions).


Where a lodger is an "infrequent" user, RevenueSA will continue to provide an on the spot (depending on length of queue) counter assessment service for non RevNet users. For your reference, "infrequent" is in the order of 10 documents per year. These documents are to be presented to the counter with a completed Lodgement Form and supporting documentation.

Please Note: Whilst caveats can and should be self-determined using RevNet, given their special significance counter assessments will also be provided for any request to stamp a Caveat.

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