Stamp Duties

Stamp duty is a charge on certain documents and transactions. Stamp duty is charged at either a flat rate or an ad valorem rate (based on the value of the transaction) depending on the particular document or transaction.

Calculators are available to assist you in estimating the amount of stamp duty payable. There is also a Stamp Duty Glossary of Terms which may help you to understand some of the terms used.

Lodgement Methods for Stamp Duty Documents

Online Lodgement

Registered users can self-determine numerous documents on RevenueSA Online, as well as submit documents to the Commissioner of State Taxation for assessment.

RevenueSA Online is an internet based system allowing registered users to determine stamp duty, lodge documents for assessment, respond to requisitions, stamp documents and remit payment to RevenueSA 24 hours a day, any day of the week.

See more information about RevenueSA Online.

A list of the documents that can be self-determined on RevenueSA Online and more detailed information on the various document types is available in the Stamp Duty Document Guide (Self-Determined).

Some document types must be submitted to the Commissioner of State Taxation for an assessment of stamp duty. These documents can be submitted on RevenueSA Online, along with supporting documentation as described in the Stamp Duty Document Guide (Opinions)

With a RevenueSA Online lodgement, an Application for Stamp Duty Assessment form is not required. Just complete the ‘Notes’ field in RevenueSA Online with your submission or include your submission as an attachment.

Notice of Requisition and Notice of Assessment, for documents submitted to the Commissioner of State Taxation for assessment, will be issued by email to your nominated email address.

Manual Lodgement

If you are not a registered RevenueSA Online user, documents can be submitted, along with a completed Application for Stamp Duty Assessment form via the RevenueSA secure Lodgement Box located in the Document Collection Room at the Lands Titles Office between the hours of 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday – Friday (excluding public holidays) or by post to:

GPO Box 1353

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