Payroll Tax How to Guide

Demonstrations are also available on the RevNet Training and Demonstrations page.

Change your password

If you forget the password associated with your RevNet login you can have it reset automatically by clicking the reset link on the RevNet login page. You will need to know the email address associated with the username to use this service. More information will be provided depending on your user access once you press on the “Reset RevNet Password” link.

When you logon to RevNet using your new password, you will be prompted to change your password.

If you do not know your username or if you experience any problems accessing RevNet with the new password please contact RevenueSA by email at or on (08) 8207 2333 during business hours, Monday – Friday 8.30am to 5.00pm.

For further instructions on how to reset your password, please click here.

Maintain your contact details

The legal entity and/or trading name can be updated by choosing “Payroll Tax” from the RevNet menu, press “Maintain” and then the “ABN Lookup” button in the client details section.

To update your contact details, choose “Payroll Tax” from the RevNet menu, press “Maintain” and the editable fields will become white. Make your changes and press save.

Comprehensive help is available when you are logged into RevNet. An on-line help link is available in the top right hand corner of every RevNet screen.

How to modify an annual reconciliation

This depends on what financial year you wish to amend.

The annual reconciliation lodgement for the 2011-12 financial year onwards can be amended via RevNet.

Further information on how to amend an annual reconciliation can be found by pressing the “help” menu in the top right hand corner of any RevNet page or by viewing the RevNet Payroll Tax General and Annual Reconciliation Functions Tutorial.

Any annual reconciliation lodgements prior to the 2011-12 financial year cannot be reassessed via RevNet, as the status of the payroll tax annual reconciliation in RevNet is 'read only'. This means that you cannot amend the annual reconciliation on-line once it has been submitted to RevenueSA.

If you wish to make an amendment to a ‘read only’ annual reconciliation submission, a description of the amendments is required in written form outlining the changes. Information required must include total wages originally declared, the amended wage details and the reason for the amendment. Your submission should be forwarded to: RevenueSA, GPO Box 2418, Adelaide SA 5001.

Cancelling your payroll tax registration

If you satisfy one of the following, you may cancel your payroll tax registration:

  • No longer employing in South Australia;
  • You are a single company only and your taxable wages are below the Australia wide wages threshold; or
  • You are part of a group and your groups’ taxable wages are below the Australia wide wages threshold.

Registrations can be cancelled as part of the annual reconciliation or it can be cancelled during the financial year.
To cancel your payroll tax registration during the financial year, please follow the steps:

  1. Contact RevenueSA at advising you wish to cancel your registration. Please include your taxpayer number and the date of cancellation. RevenueSA will than open the annual reconciliation for the current financial year.
  1. RevenueSA will advise via email when the annual reconciliation for the current year has been opened on RevNet. You will then be able complete your final lodgement via RevNet. Access is available at
  2. To lodge a final return, select the annual reconciliation option from the payroll tax menu and complete the annual reconciliation for the current financial year. Instructions on completing your annual reconciliation, including a checklist of information is available. It is recommended that you collate the information on the checklist prior to commencing the reconciliation.
  3. If payroll tax is due a payment is required within 14 days. Failure to make a payment by the due date may result in penalties being applied.

If you require further assistance with your cancellation, please contact RevenueSA by email or by phone 08 8204 9880 during business hours (Monday to Friday 8:30 am – 5.00 pm).