RevNet Frequently Asked Questions


What is RevNet?

RevNet is an Internet based system that allows an easy, flexible and more effective way for you to do business with RevenueSA. RevNet provides approved agents/taxpayers with the ability to perform Stamp Duty, Certificate and Payroll Tax functions in the comfort of their own office. Functions available include:

Stamp Duty – Self Determination
The Stamp Duty component of RevNet is suitable for practitioners that process more than 10 stamp duty related documents per year and provides users with the ability to:

  • reset your own password;
  • calculate, stamp and pay South Australian stamp duty on documents;
  • calculate and pay Lands Titles Office fees, General Registry Office fees and new Certificate of Title fees on documents;
  • view details of stamp duty documents processed via RevNet; and
  • determine the stamp duty on a document without committing the document for stamping by using the Duty Calculator.

Stamp Duty - Opinions
The Stamp Duty Opinions component of RevNet provides users with the ability to:

  • reset your own password;
  • submit copies of opinion documents to RevenueSA for assessment;
  • have requisition and notice of assessment notifications emailed to a nominated email address;
  • view requisitions online and respond to requisitions via email;
  • view assessed bundles lodged with RevenueSA; and
  • stamp and pay documents via RevNet.

The Certificates component of RevNet provides you with the ability to:

  • reset your own password;
  • request and pay the associated certificate request fees for South Australian Emergency Services Levy and Land Tax Agent Certificates;
  • view, print, update and make payment of the outstanding liabilities on Emergency Services Levy and Land Tax Agent Certificates requested through RevNet and Property Interest Reports (PIR);

Payroll Tax
The Payroll Tax component of RevNet provides you with access to the following functions:

General Access- available to all users:

  • reset your own password;
  • amend your contact details;
  • update your organisations legal and/or trading name;
  • calculate and lodge your South Australian Payroll Tax Annual Reconciliation;
  • submit reassessments for annual reconciliations and calculate an amended assessment or refund;
  • view a history and amended versions of annual reconciliations lodged via RevNet; and
  • cancel your payroll tax registration and calculate a final return.

RevNet Payroll Tax Payment Facility Accessrequires authority (functions are in addition to general access)

  • calculate and lodge your monthly payroll tax liability (including nil returns), if applicable your estimated monthly deduction is pre-filled;
  • pay your payroll tax liability or generate an expected electronic funds transfer (EFT) advice for your monthly returns and any annual reconciliation amount;
  • view a year to date summary of your monthly wage component split, through the wage component summary tool;
  • calculate payroll tax liability without committing the calculation to a return period by using the Payroll Tax Calculator;
  • option to receive a Notice of Assessment electronically if an annual reconciliation lodgement results in an amount outstanding once assessed by a Taxation Officer; and
  • set future dated payments (electronic payment authority (EPA) users only)

Are there any fees associated with using RevNet?

Use of RevNet does not incur any new or additional fees.

However, all agents/taxpayers using RevNet must have suitable hardware and software as well as access to the Internet. This may for example, require connection and usage fees being paid to an Internet Service Provider, which is the responsibility of the agent/taxpayer.

Terminals are available in Taxpayer Hall, Ground Floor, 200 Victoria Square, Adelaide, and also at the Lands Titles Office, 101 Grenfell St Adelaide, for agents/taxpayers who do not have their own Internet access or suitable hardware/software to use RevNet.

All RevNet users are required to comply with the Terms of Use when accessing and using RevNet.

Agents/taxpayers using the Stamp Duty and Certificates components and the Payroll Tax Payment Facility of RevNet are required to enter into an agreement with the Commissioner of State Taxation. This agreement sets out the terms and conditions of using RevNet and the obligations for both the agent/taxpayer and RevenueSA. All RevNet users are required to comply with these terms and conditions when accessing and using the RevNet service.

Do all RevNet users have the same access?

Agents/taxpayers need to apply for the RevNet component they wish to have access to eg. Stamp Duty, Certificates or *Payroll Tax Payment Facility. Separate applications are required for each component. Once an agent/taxpayer has been approved to use RevNet, they will only be able to access functions relative to the RevNet component/s they have been approved to use.

Within each RevNet component, there are different security levels that can be applied to individual users. The different user access levels available for each component are detailed in the RevNet Online Help.

*All taxpayers registered for payroll tax in South Australia during a financial year are automatically registered to use the Payroll Tax component of RevNet to complete their annual reconciliation. Access is restricted to completing the annual reconciliation only and does not include making on-line payments or lodging of regular returns. Taxpayers that wish to have access to the full range of functionality available in the RevNet Payroll Tax component, will need to complete a RevNet Payroll Tax Electronic Payment Authority Application or a RevNet Payroll Tax Electronic Funds Transfer application.

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