Bushfire Relief

Affected by the recent bushfires in South Australia?

RevenueSA acknowledges that the recent bushfires have had a devastating impact on many South Australians and that the fire threat is not over.

Communities have seen many people suffer the loss of homes, businesses and other property, including livestock and have their and livelihood significantly impacted.

The South Australian Government has announced a number of tax relief measures for those impacted by the bushfires, as outlined below.

Tax Relief Measures

Motor Vehicle (Stamp Duty) Purchase of replacement motor vehicle(s) by a person because existing vehicle(s) destroyed in bushfires.

Relief of stamp duty of up to $1940 for replacement passenger vehicles and $1470 for replacement commercial vehicles.

For replacement vehicles valued above $50 000, relief is capped at $1940 for a passenger vehicle and $1470 for a commercial vehicle with the balance of the duty payable.

Case-by-case relief considered where more than two vehicles registered to the same owner are destroyed.

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Land Transfers (Stamp Duty) Purchase of replacement home because existing home destroyed in bushfires.

Relief of up to $48 830 in stamp duty on a replacement home.

For replacement homes valued above $1 million, the duty relief is capped at $48 830 with the balance of the duty payable.

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Land Tax Property destroyed or substantially damaged.

Relief of 2019-20 and 2020-21 land tax liabilities for affected properties.

A refund will be available on any land tax paid for 2019-20 for affected properties.

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Property affected but not destroyed or substantially damaged. Relief of 2020-21 land tax liability considered on a case-by-case basis.

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Rebuilding your home?

If your principal place of residence was destroyed or rendered uninhabitable by the bushfires, you may be eligible for an exemption from land tax for up to three years, while your home is being rebuilt.

Concerned about meeting your state revenue obligations?

If you have been affected by the bushfires and have any concerns about meeting your state revenue obligations, please email us at revenuesa@sa.gov.au or call 8226 3750 to discuss options available.

Reminder for Payroll Tax Clients

Wages paid to employees who are absent from work to volunteer as fire fighters, or to respond to other emergencies, may be exempt from payroll tax in respect of any period they are engaged as a volunteer member of SACFS or an emergency services organisation responding to the bushfire emergencies.

If you are unsure if wages paid are exempt please email us at payrolltax@sa.gov.au or call 8226 3750 (option 5).

Other Services & Relief

For more information about recovering from recent bushfires, please visit the Department of Human Services website.