RevNet Stamp Duty Conveyance Decommissioning

Effective from 27 July 2018 approved RevNet SDC users will no longer be able to create new documents for Stamp Duty Self-determination in RevNet. Note that existing Stamp Duty documents will be able to be completed during the lifecycle of the batch (within 9 days).

RevNet is being phased out for Stamp Duty Conveyance and all new transactions from 27 July will be required to be input through RevenueSA Online. RevNet will still be available for Property Certificates, until the functionality is implemented in RevenueSA Online later in the year.

RevenueSA Online provides added benefits to approved users including:

  • the ability to electronically submit documents for Opinion Assessment;
  • integration with the data provided to the Commonwealth as part of Third Party Reporting;
  • facility to upload documentation for self determination; and
  • a reduction in the number of document types to ease processing.

Existing RevNet users can make the switch to RevenueSA Online now. Login here using your existing RevNet username and password.

Resources are available on the RevenueSA Online page of our website with more being provided in the coming weeks.

Should you have any queries please contact RevSupport on 8207 2333 (select option 4) or email